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  • What is Reading Fluency for IELTS?

    What is Reading Fluency for IELTS - IELTS Coaching Centre | Delhi
    Tue, Jul 02, 2019

    What is Reading Fluency for IELTS?

    In the blog series on building fluency for IELTS we have already discussed what is speaking fluency, how do we identify the barriers of speaking fluency and how to overcome them. Please read the blog titled How can I develop speaking fluency to score high in IELTS?

    In this blog we will discuss reading fluency. As mentioned earlier this is an unexplored area. Not many people talk about it. Let’s understand what does the reading fluency mean, what are the barriers and how to overcome the barriers. Simply speaking fluent reading means reading uninterruptedly.

    Internal barriers/interruptions are more or less skill-based barriers. It is difficult to overcome these barriers. One of the biggest barriers in reading is a dictionary. What? Are you kidding? Let’s explore further. OK. Let’s do one simple observation-based activity. Observe a fluent reader. For this purpose, you may visit the bestIELTS coaching institute in Rohini. You will find many fluent readers there. You would observe that the fluent readers are focused and turn the pages very quickly. Prima-facie you may feel that such a reader is pretending to read. The slow readers think that how can someone understand the meaning of all words without checking the meaning of difficult words in the dictionary. Does he know the meaning of all the difficult words?

    Hold on! That’s precisely what a fluent reader should do. If you also want to become a fluent reader, you should develop this habit. Now, this may seem to contradict or a vague statement. But let me explain how it works and what is the reason behind this.

    At the time of reading, one must be focused more on the context and try to understand the contextual meaning of the difficult words. One should be able to make out the correct or near meaning of a difficult word by just reading in a careful and focused way. One should not halt the reading process for any reason – even for finding the meaning of the words. In this way, you lose interest and hence you won’t be connected to the context to that extent.

    In our upcoming blogs, we will talk about other fluencies viz. writing and listening, required for IELTS in detail and understand how to develop them.

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