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  • IELTS General vs Academic

    IELTS General vs Academic - IELTS coaching centre in Rohini | Delhi
    Tue, Jul 16, 2019

    IELTS General vs Academic

    The best IELTS Coaching in Rohini has been providing professional guidance to IELTS candidates in the form of free blogs and paid IELTS coaching at its centre. We receive regular calls from IELTS candidates who study our blogs and they tell us how did they benefit from them. They also seek further guidance on how they can improve some IELTS essential skills. They also call us of they face certain challenges or roadblocks and we offer them personalized guidance.

    IELTS candidates know that there are two types of exam –academic and general training. The difference is there in the reading and writing modules while there is no difference in listening and speaking. For example, there are 3 reading passages in academic reading while there are 4-5 reading passages in general training reading. But there is a difference of length and difficulty level in them. Academic reading passages are longer and more complicated as compared to the general training reading.

    Some candidates, who wish to go abroad for study or immigration purpose, make mistake in choosing the right type of IELTS test. There are some factors that should be taken care of in making reaching the correct conclusion. In fact, some aspirants start preparing for wrong module and waste some considerable time. The students at the best IELTS coaching in Rohini, get the expert opinion and hence don’t make a wrong choice.Some of the blog readers call us to understand which IELTS type is applicable to them and we offer this help to them.

    Generally, the candidates who want to study abroad should choose an academic module and those who want to work abroad should choose the general training module. But this is not the sole criterion to make this choice about IELTS exam type. You should make this choice on the basis of thorough research or after discussion with some experts. We, as an institution offers,also offer expert guidance in this regard. In addition to the consultation on the type of applicable IELTS, we also offer the best IELTS coaching in Pitampura.We can help you in IELTS preparation in many ways.

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