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  • What is Listening Fluency for IELTS

    What is Listening Fluency for IELTS - IELTS Coaching Centre in Delhi
    Mon, Jul 15, 2019

    What is Listening Fluency for IELTS

    In the blog series on building fluency for IELTS we have already discussed what do we mean by speaking fluency, reading fluency and writing fluency. We also discussed how do we identify the respective barriers and how to overcome those barriers. Please read the blogs titled How can I develop speaking fluency to score high in IELTS?for developing speaking fluency,‘What is Reading Fluency for IELTS? for developing reading fluency and What is Writing Fluency for IELTS for developing writing fluency.

    In this blog we will discuss listening fluency. As mentioned earlier this is an unexplored area. Not many people talk about listening fluency. Let’s understand what does the listening fluency mean, what are the barriers and how to overcome the barriers. Fluency in listening simply means that you can listen to the given audio smoothly – without breaking the flow of listening.

    An active listener is a fluent listener. Or we can say that being active is the first requirement of being a fluent listener. Assuming that you have already prepared for IELTS listening and during the test you have the tendency to pause or replay the audio track then this indicates low fluency in listening. You surely need to improve upon the listening fluency.

    This is a result of inadequate exposure to listening English in a foreign accent. Hence the next step would be to increase the English listening exposure especially in foreign accent. There are two ways of doing so and both are of utmost importance. First, is to watch/listen English news channels, watch English movies with subtitles turned OFF, listen to English songs if you have an interest, etc. One should not solely resort to generic methods for this purpose. One can listen to more IELTS specific content. Visit the best IELTS coaching center in Rohini to access the vast number of audio resources for enhancing listening fluency.

    So far, we have discussed all the four fluencies required for IELTS – speaking, reading, writing and listening. We have discussed the internal barriers that affect the fluency in respective domains. In the next blog we will discuss the external barriers. Though it is easy to work on all these barriers as compared to the internal barriers yet we need to be sensitized about these barriers and we should know how to overcome the external barriers to IELTS fluencies.

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