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  • What is Writing Fluency for IELTS?

    What is Writing Fluency for IELTS - IELTS Coaching Centre | Delhi
    Tue, Jul 02, 2019

    What is Writing Fluency for IELTS

    In the blog series on building fluency for IELTS we have already discussed about what do we mean by speaking fluency and reading fluency, how do we identify the respective barriers and how to overcome those barriers. Please read the blogs titled How can I develop speaking fluency to score high in IELTS? and What is Reading Fluency for IELTS?

    In this blog we will discuss about writing fluency. As mentioned earlier this is an unexplored area. Not many people talk of it. Let’s understand what does the writing fluency mean, what are the barriers and how to overcome the barriers. Fluency in writing simply means that you can write on a given topic smoothly – without breaking the flow.

    One myth – writing speed means how fast my hand can write. It’s a pure myth. This is just physical in nature. One can train the hand to write faster and it doesn’t take much time to develop this skill. Writing fluency is connected to the thought process. It’s a mental skill or to say or is the skill of the mind. One needs to learn to be an independent thinker if one wants to be a good writer. Additionally, one should learn to organize the thoughts clearly. One can learn the brainstorming process of idea generation and organization from the best IELTS coaching center in RohiniAs you now know that there is a time limit of sixty minutes for attempting the IELTS writing test. You can learn these skills here to become a fluent writer to ultimately obtain a high band score in IELTS.

    Even it is a mistake to assume that the time allotted for writing is 60 minutes. Please understand that this time window also includes time for proof-reading. If you are not fluent in writing, you will not be able to save time for proof-reading. When I talk to the IELTS candidates who have appeared in the IELTS exam, they share their experience that they corrected some 2-5 spelling or other mistakes during proofreading.  By the time you also know that the spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes are penalized in IELTS. Hence, by being a fluent writer you can always correct the spelling and grammar mistakes to maximize your IELTS band score.

    In our upcoming blogs, we will talk about another listening fluency for IELTS in detail and understand how to develop it.
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