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  • Order of information for GT letter writing

    Order of information for GT letter writing - IELTS Coaching Centre in Rohini | Delhi
    Sat, Jul 27, 2019

    Order of information for GT letter writing

    We have been learning letter writing since school time and it used to be a very common question. Letter writing is included in the school syllabus so that we can make a written request or response to some real-life situation. Different situations demand writing different letters.

    IELTS also has a question on letter writing in the General Training Writing section. In the question of letter writing a situation is provided in the exam. The letter writing in the IELTS is a little different from writing in school. In IELTS the question a set of details, in bullet points, is provided which needs to be included in the letter.

    In this regard IELTS students have a commonly asked question, “do I get full marks if I follow my own order of arranging the information rather than following the order of information provided in the question?”.

    The best IELTS coaching in Rohini sector 11 offers the answer to this question in this blog. IELTS candidates generally prepare some letter writing a template for each type of letter. But a template may not be adequate to cover all possible cases.

    Well, the answer is simple. You can provide the answer in any order that you feel comfortable with. You will not be penalised in terms of the score if you present the information in the letter in an order different from the task question. Bear in mind that you are not entitled to marks reduction if you meet the basic requirements such as adequate length (at least 150 words), no spelling errors, grammatical accuracy and appropriate vocabulary and tone. The order of the question is not a criterion to impact score.

    The best IELTS coaching in Rohini asserts that often there is generally a logic in the order of the information provided in the question. If you follow the same it may be easier for you to write the letter. This means that a letter written in the same order will turn out to be coherent. It would reflect a logical progression of information. However, if you believe that you can present a better logical order in the letter then it would be absolutely fine. You should go ahead.

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